Create a data commons for microbial data in a common cyberinfrastructure
Create a collection of microbial datasets in CyVerse (The iMicrobe Data Commons) that can be used and computed on within the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure. These data will consist of: projects, reference datasets, ‘omics datasets from individual projects, and microbial genome sequencing projects. The data will be available through the iMicrobe Data Commons in the CyVerse Discovery Environment (Data -> Community Data -> imicrobe).

Metadata capabilities in CyVerse to enhance microbial data discoverability
Biological data is extraordinarily rich and dense, spanning from the smallest molecules to large-scale processes such as forest carbon flux. Being able to formally describe this complexity in order to create semantically rich data is essential for larger scale aggregation, querying and ultimately machine reasoning, especially as data pipelines open wider with new technologies such as next generation sequencing. To this end, metadata for microbial datasets will be curated to use a common ontology with the aim of improving data discovery, integration and aggregation within the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure.

Develop workshops to promote the use of microbial data in iPlant
To promote the use of microbial datasets and metadata capabilities in CyVerse, members of the iMicrobe team offer workshops. See Workshops.