Bonnie L. Hurwitz, PhD, Principal Investigator
Dr. Bonnie Hurwitz leads the iMicrobe project. She is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Arizona where her lab focuses on computational biology, big-data analytics, and microbial ecology from the environment to human health. Click here to go to the Hurwitz Lab website.
bhurwitz – at –

Ken Youens-Clark, Scientific Computing Specialist
Mr. Youens-Clark is the lead developer on the iMicrobe project and is responsible for web and software development.
kyclark – at –

Ramona Walls, PhD, iPlant Scientific Analyst
Dr. Walls is responsible for developing a standardized ontology for the iMicrobe project. The ontology will be based on the Biological Collections Ontology and include classes for both project-based and sample-based metadata for microbial datasets in the iMicrobe Data Commons.
rwalls – at –