The iMicrobe Data Commons is a data resource for microbes including project data, metadata, and -omic datasets. To ensure broad access to these data we support the following data access methods:

Data Access Methods

Interactive iMicrobe Data Commons: iMicrobe projects, metadata, and data are available for interactive query and download
CyVerse Data Store: iMicrobe data are available in the CyVerse Data Store where data can be re-used with 500+ bioinformatics tools in the CyVerse Discovery Environment
CyVerse Mirror Site: iMicrobe data are available via the web
iMicrobe FTP: iMicrobe data are available via FTP”.  Simply log in as “anonymous” and use any password you like (usually an email address).

Metadata Access

  • All metadata for all projects and samples are available on the iMicrobe interactive data commons
  • Metadata are also provided as a tab-delimited file in each project directory on the FTP site and iMicrobe data commons in CyVerse called