Data can be used directly from the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure. The CyVerse cyberinfrastructure allows users to run analyses (using over 500 bioinformatics tools) both on their own datasets and data from the iMicrobe Data Commons. CyVerse provides free access to users for computation, data storage, and bioinformatics tools (developed by a community of users). To access the iMicrobe Data Commons in CyVerse the following steps are necessary:

  • login to the CyVerse Discovery Environment
  • click on the “Data” button
  • Navigate to (Data -> Community Data -> imicrobe )

Accessing data via CyVerse mirror:

Data can be programmatically downloaded at .


You can use the iMicrobe FTP site to download iMicrobe data in bulk at “”.  Login with the user “anonymous” and password “your_email”.