Sample: MMETSP1089

Sample Name MMETSP1089 
Sample Type eukaryotes
Project Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP)
Investigators (1)

Gloeochaete wittrockiana SAG46.84

Sample Accession CAM_SMPL_002627
Combined Assembly Gloeochaete-witrockiana-SAG46_84
Taxon ID 38269

Ph 6.8  
Phosphate 10  
Nitrate 230  
Silicate 49  
Ammonium 50  
Iron 6  
Axenic No  
Trace elements 10  

Growth medium DY-V  
Modifications to growth medium none  

NCBI SRA SRS621389  

Habitat name freshwater habitat  
Envo term for habitat primary term Aquatic: freshwater  
Envo term for habitat secondary term Other  
Habitat freshwater habitat  

Site name OTHER  
Site description Hamburg-Kirchwerder  
Country DE  
Country GERMANY  
Sample collection site OTHER  
Other collection site info Hamburg-Kirchwerder  

Project id 104  
Collection start time 1973-07-01 00:00:00.0  
Collection stop time 1973-07-01 00:00:00.0  
Clonal Unknown  
Collection date 01-JUL-73  
Date of experiment 27-OCT-11  
External sample id GleWit46.84  
Investigation type EU  
Principle investigator Alexandra Z. Worden  
Additional citations Kies, L. & Kremer, B.P. (1986). Typification of the Glaucocystophyceae. Taxon 35: 128-133  
Primary citation Kies, L. (1976) Untersuchungen zur Feinstruktur und taxonomischen Einordnung von Gloeochaete wittrockiana, einer apoplastidalen capsalen Alge mit blaugrünen Endosymbionten (Cyanellen). Protoplasma 87:419-446  

GenBank BioSample 2740031  
Fastq file /iplant/home/shared/imicrobe/projects/104/transcriptomes/MMETSP108/MMETSP1089.fastq.tar  

Day portion of day night cycle in hours 14  
Light 200  
Experimental temperature 18  
Night portion of day night cycle in hours 10  

Library acc CAM_LIB_001393  
Sequencing method Illumina  
Dna type cDNA  
Assembly accession number CAM_ASM_000445  
Combined assembly name Gloeochaete-witrockiana-SAG46_84  
Pcr amp No  

Source mat id (MMETSP1089) Gloeochaete wittrockiana  
Source mat id CAM_BM_002647  
Source mat id CAM_SMPL_002627  
Sample type eukaryotes  
Sample description Gloeochaete wittrockiana SAG46.84  
Sample name MMETSP1089  
Taxon id 38269  

Strain SAG46.84  
Genus Gloeochaete  
Species wittrockiana  
Family Gloeochaetaceae  
Order Gloeochaetales  
Superkingdom Eukaryota  
Class Glaucophyceae  
Phylum Glaucophyta