The iMicrobe project supports training activities in using microbial datasets and query-able ontologies as part of the iPlant Cyberinfrastructure.

iMicrobe Workshop Overview

The iMicrobe workshop provides a comprehensive overview of data resources, platforms, tools, and services for large-scale data analysis in microbial ecology provided by the iPlant Collaborative, a cyberinfrastructure project of the National Science Foundation. Through hands-on demos and guided exercises, workshop participants will get a comprehensive look at iPlant’s tools and services for large-scale data analysis in microbial ecology, as well as the iMicrobe Data Commons. Specifically, the workshop focuses on

  1. accessing microbial -omics data through the iMicrobe Data Commons in iPlant’s Data Store
  2. methods to search for microbial datasets using metadata tags, and
  3. using these data resources in conjunction with iPlant’s tools and services for large-scale data analysis.

Workshop topics build progressively to cater to the needs of general and advanced audiences.

Participants will get hands-on experience with the following components to the iPlant cyberinfrastructure:

  • Discovery Environment: Simple web portal for managing data, analyses, and workflows. Complex bioinformatics applications can be run without knowing command line programming; users can also integrate their own tools.
  • Data Store: Scalable, secure, and reliable storage for terabyte-scale data. The focus of this session will be on microbial -omics datasets available through iPlant Data Store.
  • Metadata capabilities: Searching for datasets based on standardized ontologies from project-based and sample-related metadata. Specifically efforts in developing a query-able interface to microbial -omics metadata will be described.
  • Atmosphere: 1-click, on-demand cloud computing for accessing microbial analysis tool suites such as QIIME.